February 14, 2009

Tom Noddy Bubble Magic

This guy speaks great! Mixes magic with humor... the best of both worlds. Fantastic act. Love the carousel bubble and just when you thought he could not possibly top that... think again!


Keith Johnson BubbleGuy said...

The Godfather of modern American Bubble Entertainment, Tom Noddy. www.BubbleMagic.com.

He continues to wow the world with the ephemeral kinetic sculptures he invented over 30 years ago.

And now, his competition in the marketplace is wowing the world with many of the tricks he invented so long ago.

Artistically, a strange dilemma. Giving birth to something new one can be proud of. Sharing it with the world can be good for the pocketbook and ego.

But what the world does with the gift you're presenting can sometimes be painful.

Ah well. Thanks for talking about Tom. He deserves to be recognized in this way.



Stealing Minds said...

Thank you Keith for your comment. I am very happy to hear that Tom Noddy's work is being further experimented on and improvised for a new generation with people like yourself. And through that, new ideas are being introduced. More power to you Keith and keep up the amazing work!

Ayie said...

cool bubbles!

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